BEIJING, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The bone-derived skeletal growth factor (SGF), jointly developed by a research facility under the direction of leading biochemist, academician and researcher Zhao Yufen and the Anhui-based research center of one of the world's health industry leaders People's GuoTai Group (PGTG), broke through the formula stability bottleneck after unremitting efforts over the last three years and brought new hope for bone health. It is the world's only healthcare supplement that provides protection against diseases of the skeletal system, and the only dietary health product that can supplement calcium without side effects, improve bone density, strengthen bones, lubricate bone joints and regenerate cartilage.

The GuoTai SGF bone-derived factor is the first to resolve the stability issue, and was finally released after tens of thousands of iterations until just the right formulation was achieved: a finely-tuned combination of PGTG's patented small molecule yak bone collagen peptide to add to bone density and strengthen the bone, PGTG's patented cartilage peptide for bone joint lubrication, and chitosan oligosaccharide, a.k.a. the "sixth essential element of the body", to promote cartilage regeneration, as well as milk mineral salts that further enhance bone density. It is the only integrated product in the world that can simultaneously offer everything that is needed for bone health in one formulation: supplement calcium, improve bone density, strengthen the bone, lubricate the joints, and regenerate cartilage.

With several features proprietary to PGTG, the GuoTai SGF bone-derived factor can regulate bone metabolism and promote bone growth. The superior product is a result of PGTG's three years of work and has delivered a formulation that, for the first time, includes just the right combination of chitosan oligosaccharide, yak bone peptide and milk mineral salt and maintains full stability after tens of thousands of tests.

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