SINGAPORE, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartFuture, a leading health-tech company and provider of integrated RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) solutions, has launched an RPM SDK (Software Development Kit) product.

SmartFuture's RPM SDK product allows healthcare providers and payers to integrate white-labelled remote patient monitoring functionality inside their existing apps and web portals in a plug-and-play manner to boost patient engagement and outcomes. This includes the ability to connect wirelessly to 400+ FDA, CE and HSA-registered wireless medical devices from 40+ brands to capture health vitals such as blood glucose meters, smart body scales, blood pressure monitors, oximeters, ECG monitors, thermometers, ultrasound, otoscopes etc. and send these readings directly to their own cloud database.  

Using SmartFuture's RPM SDK product saves a significant amount of time and cost for providers and payers, as compared to developing similar capabilities from scratch. Being able to embed the RPM functionality into an existing application also saves on complexity for both the patient and healthcare provider, since they will continue to use their existing application without having to also use an additional RPM application or web portal. The entire integration process with SmartFuture's RPM SDK product is quite simple and can be typically completed in a matter of hours.

SmartFuture's RPM SDK also can be integrated with most of the popular EMR and EHR platforms, enabling real time transfer of health vitals readings, analytics, as well as the generation of relevant reports and alerts to patients, their assigned physicians and nurses.

Sumit Khemani, CEO and Founder of SmartFuture says, "We recognized the need for a plug-and-play white-labelled RPM SDK product that can integrate into existing healthcare provider and payer applications. This is convenient, saves time and cost as well as reduces complexity – while enabling healthcare providers to provide high quality remote monitoring and care."

SmartFuture has several new clients and partners including hospitals, health system integrators, medical device manufacturers, corporates and insurance companies. The company recently won the Digital Innovation Demo Showcase at HIMSS APAC 2022, resulting in a collaboration with Zoom; and the Fukuoka x ACE Singapore Pitch, which led to a sponsored invitation to Fukuoka City to establish an office in Japan and conduct an initial Proof of Concept initiative in partnership with a reputed City Hospital.

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